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Bible in Multiple Languages

(Under Construction for all major languages)

These bibles are designed for screen display in the church, bible study class, and personal fast reading. Each bible contains about forty thousands links. With a single click it displays a chapter of any bible books. Another click goes to the required verse, and from any places a click will return to the bible index. The font size is adjustable for display purpose.

The bibles can be downloaded to your computer. The download linkage is in the Bible Index page. Each bible also has the feature of searching by multiple sets of keywords.

    Tablet & Cell Phone Version  
 1 Chinese Union Simplified 简体和合本 CUS
 2 Chinese Union Traditional 繁體和合本 CUT
 3 English American Standard Version ASV
 4 English Bible in Basic English BBE
 5 English King James Version KJV
 6 English New International Version NIV
 7 Greek Modern Version σύγχρονη εκδοχή GMV
 8 Greek Septuagint Version Εβδομήκοντα εκδοχή LXX
 9 Greek Textus Receptus Κείμενο Αποδεκτές GTR
 10 Greek Westcott Hort 1881 NA27/UBS4 με παραλλαγές GWH
 11 Hebrew Modern Version הגרסה מודרנית HMV
 12 Hebrew Aleppo Codex כֶּתֶר אֲרָם צוֹבָא HAC
 13 Hebrew Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia הבראיקה BHS
 14 Hebrew Westminster Leningrad Codex וסטמינסטר לנינגרד קודקס HWL
 15 Latin Vulgata Clementina Vulgatae Clementina LVC
 16 Latin New Vulgata Nova Vulgatae LVN
 17 French Français Darby FDA
 18 French Français David Martin FDM
 19 French Français Ostervald FOS
 20 French Français Louis Segond LSG
 21 German Deutsch Luther Modern GLM
 22 German Deutsch Luther Original GLO
 23 German Deutsch Elberfelder GEL
 24 German Deutsch Schlachter GSC
 25 Japanese Japanese Classical 文語訳 JCL
 26 Japanese Japanese Colloquial 口語訳 JCO
 27 Korean Korean 한국어 성경 KOR

Interlinear Bibles

Search simultaneously up to six versions and languages of bibles for comparison. It supports the searching by the Books or by multiple sets of keywords.

Preachers and bible scholars can make use of this tool to get the necessary bible material to prepare sermons and reports.

Bible Display API

The "Bible Display API" are the instructions to request to display specific bible verses on pop-up windows or embedded in your own webpage.

Bible in Multiple Languages